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Yansa - Lightning Alert

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YLA - Lightning Alerts for lightning strikes in real time

As Yansa , you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted about electrical discharges, which are about to happen, up to 20 minutes before the first lightning strike in the region. In fact, we started sending out warnings that danger is on the way and approaching well before then. We start sending alerts as soon as we realize that lightning will strike in your area. Alerts have 95% average accuracy and can be sent at various levels, from low to extreme.

YRA - Electrical Activity Reports

In addition to alerting you about lightning strikes, Yansa also helps identify accidents caused by them. With the information in the Electrical Activity Report, you will be able to confirm, for example, whether an equipment shutdown was caused by lightning.

YDF - Electric Field Data

Yansa It is easy to use and allows you to obtain data on electrical fields in your region. With a secure login, you can obtain real-time electric field data and other important information.

YSU - The support you need

Our Yansa support team is always available to help with any questions or issues. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will do our best to ensure you are always satisfied with our services.

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We integrate with your system

YAP - Integration API

Yansa easily integrates with your existing ecosystem via API, ensuring you can continue working with the tools you already use . This means less time spent training and more time enjoying the benefits of Yansa .

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