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The new standard in
early warnings of lightning strikes

Use Yansa to get a complete view of electrical activity in your region.

Let Yansa boost your security

Yansa - the most modern lightning warning solution on the market - uses advanced technologies and mathematical models to accurately predict lightning activity in a specific region.

Early warning of atmospheric electrical discharges

We alert you before an electrical discharge occurs in your area. This allows you to prepare in advance to minimize the risk of loss of life and damage to your property.

Versatile platform

Our platform is easy to use and compatible with most mobile devices. We set up specific alerts for your region and you can see lightning activity in real time.

Accuracy in lightning science

Our team of scientists works tirelessly to improve the accuracy of our lightning prediction models.

Customer support

We provide strong support to ensure you can use our system with confidence.

Yansa offers speed and reliability of information, elements necessary to stay safe before, during and after electrical storms.

Use Yansa to get a complete view of electrical activity in your region. Share your story with us and let Yansa boost your security.

We are proud of these numbers




minutes in advance (average)


alerts issued in less than two years


years of science in rays



Who believes in us

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Ready to boost your security?

Use Yansa to stay safe from electrical storms.

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